Pancreatic Cancer, Thyroid Cancer

I was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and was given 4 months to live at tops on March 12, 2005. I had also been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver at the same time of my diagnosis of terminal pancreatic cancer.

By the grace of God I kept hanging on. I lost down to 126 lbs. My normal weight was over 200 lbs.

I started drinking 2 ounces of Desert Bloom Nopal Extract daily approximately 8 months ago. So this past December of 2007, I decided to get a second opinion. I went to Dr. Susan Hobbs at Welford Family Medical Center in Welford, South Carolina. She said she was sending me to Spartanburg Regional Medical Center to have another C.T. Scan done to see what was going on inside me about the cancer and my liver. The C.T. Scan came back showing that my liver looked excellent and there were no signs of any cancer.

I thank God for the blessing of being introduced to Desert Bloom Nopal Extract and I have no doubts that it cured my cancer and my cirrhosis of the liver. I personally think it would save a lot of lives and cure a lot of other people's illnesses.

Tommy W. McSwain

I was sick for about six months and I couldn't walk because of knee pain.  This friend told my husband about his two daughters that couldn't walk either.  They took the Nopal and started walking.  I started taking the Nopal one day before Thanksgiving on November 26, 2009.  Now (February 12, 2010) I can walk without pain and I feel great.

I also have a thyroid problem.  My doctor wanted to operate but since I'm having such a good result from the Nopal, I told him that I wanted to wait and try the Nopal and see if it had an effect.  So far I have no pain in the Thyroid and I feel great.  I have agreed to do another biopsy to be sure there is no cancer but if there is not, I do not plan to have the surgery.

For people that have something wrong with them, I really suggest for them to try Desert Bloom Nopal Extract.  I know it would help out.  I know because It has helped me, especially beginning with my knee.

Mary Sauceda

Pancreatic Cancer

What causes pancreatic cancer? Why is pancreatic cancer so deadly?

When one is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the life expectancy of pancreatic cancer is usually very short and hard to treat. In human body, we have three organs that act as filters and interact with one another-liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. Usually, you don't suddenly get diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  When your liver is damaged or not functioning well, the next organ that gets attack is the gallbladder, then comes to pancreas.  Usually you have a life style and diet that allows you to accumulate toxins in your liver.  When liver can’t handle the amount of toxins, the next stage problem is usually gallbladder.  That’s why some have their gallbladder removed.  One can still handle a lifestyle and diet without gallbladder-no more fatty stuffs in your diet.  However, it doesn’t end here.  Without diet and lifestyle changes, the next organ the toxins attack is the pancreas.  By the time you find out there is a problem with your pancreas, it’s usually late stage or stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  

There is very little early signs of pancreatic cancer because people don’t usually feel any pain, symptoms, or signs in the early stage.  That’s why pancreatic cancer survival rate is low.  Survivors are hard to find.  It’s like a death sentence.  Although we have recovery testimonies, we do not claim that we have the right treatment for pancreatic cancer.  Clients’ recovery can be a combination of nopal juice extract, changes in diet and lifestyle.  Often, people would call us and ask if nopal extract juice is the cure for pancreatic cancer, but we can’t claim that it is except show you what happened in the past with our clients.  Some of you are anxious to hear that this is a cure, but I would rather have you focus on finding out what is the cause of pancreatic cancer or all cancers and explore if we can stop that cause.  

You would find that we repeatedly say the causes of many disease break down to two-1. too much of what you don’t need in your body, 2. too little of what you do need.  In our environment today, radiation and toxins are unavoidable.  And we don’t have enough amino acids in our food today and some amino acids are important for improving our blood circulation.  And yes many signs of illness might disappear just by improving your blood circulation.

How to prevent pancreatic cancer?  

You need to take care of your liver by rest and keeping toxins out of your body.  We can’t stop accumulating toxins but there are ways to get rid of them fast.  Nopal is considered by USDA as one of the top five detox agent in food and this might be the reason why few of our clients experienced pancreatic cancer recovery or cure.

Surviving pancreatic cancer is not easy, but nothing is impossible for those who seek and knock and do their best in finding an answer.  By providing thoughts, info, and testimonies, we believe you have the ability and freedom to make decision for the benefit of your own health. The best new treatment for pancreatic cancer is education and a paradigm shift in the way you think about human body and diseases.  Pancreatic cancer blog will soon be provided on this site for people to post their experiences and inputs.