Nopalea Review - Comparison with Aztec Nopal Extract

Get The Facts About Aztec Nopal Extract Vs. Nopalea

Nopalea: Diluted And More Expensive.

All Nopal supplements are not created equal. While some call the extract from this extraordinary plant the healthiest nutraceutical on earth, there are significant differences between our Aztec Nopal Extract and the Nopalea juice sold by our competitor. 

Did you know Nopalea is made from only 10%-15% juice, diluted with water and then sold to the consumer as a complete product? This dubious formula means you pay significantly more money for the shipping and packaging of just added water! What’s more, Nopalea also contains extra sugar, making it unsafe for diabetics and those who want to limit sweeteners in their diets. Finally, Nopalea uses juice harvested only from the fruit of the Nopal plant, rather than the far more nutritionally important pads of this amazing cactus. 

Aztec Nopal Extract Is Different. 

In contrast, our Aztec Nopal Extract is over 30 times stronger than the conventional single strength Nopal juices on the market. You add the water yourself, so you pay less for the supplement alone. Our super juice extract is also carefully concentrated over a 45 day slow heating process that includes fermentation, enrichment with important probiotic enzymes and more. As the most potent formulation you’ll find anywhere, our Aztec Nopal Extract  delivers more benefits for less money

Healthy Amino Acids: A Natural Byproduct Of Our Fermentation Process.

Make no mistake. Conventional Nopal juices, including Nopalea, do not contain amino acids that can be absorbed effectively by the body. Quite simply, the simple extraction process utilized to yield juice does not preserve or enhance their nutritional value. However, our unique fermentation process works differently. By using low-temperature heating and evaporation techniques, we’re able to improve the absorption levels of this vital extract and all its ingredients, including their phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and these important amino acids. 

Aztec Nopal Extract Is the Best Value on The Market Today.

We know you have a choice when it comes to Nopal supplements. Many companies will charge outlandish prices for their diluted product, promising quick health benefits or rapid changes to your body’s health and functioning all with one or two bottles of their watered down version of this vital nutraceutical.  Don’t be fooled. Get the product that works and include it in your daily health regimen over a six month period. We GUARANTEE you will see an improvement to your health and functioning over time, or we’ll give you your money back. We’re that serious about the value of our product.